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Galeries Lafayette

What is it?
Last weekend I was in Paris with my girlfriends for a little vacation! Of course we had to visit the department store ‘Galeries Lafayette’ (My classmate Martin told me I hád to!)
Boulevard Haussmann is a long shopping street in Paris. Here you can find the luxurious department store Galeries Lafayette. In Paris, Galeries Lafayette has 3 locations. All three together on the Boulevard Haussmann. The main building is Lafayette Coupole.  (We only visited this location). This is a beautiful building with a large dome, many balconies and a rooftop terrace with a magnificent view over Paris. Here you can find perfume, cosmetics, jewelry, fashion, designer fashion, childrenswear, toys and electronics.

Why it’s cool
You can only judge when you have seen it.
The building itself is really beautiful and the stores are amazing as well. The whole vibe and atmosphere is really extraordinary. If you want you can spent you’re whole  day at the Galeries Lafayette. It gives you the ultimate shopping experience!

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